My First Ayahuasca Ceremony — Part 1/4

My First Ayahuasca Ceremony Involved 4 Distinct Stages

My first night involved several different experiences (and what felt like lifetimes) in one night. At the simplest level, I’d list 4 stages:

When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears

It is said (the Shamans say this too) that Ayahuasca will call to you. You know when you are ready, and she will arrive in your life. I can tell you, this is very true.

I Was Frightened of Ayahuasca and Said I Wouldn’t Do It (Famous Last Words)

I’ve constantly treated myself as my own science experiment, signing up for research studies at the university where I worked, but plant medicine really did frighten me. I was frightened of what it might unleash. I had heard it was the equivalent of 10–20 years of therapy and that it had the potential to unlock the deep inner recesses of my psyche.

The 5th Dimension / Higher Consciousness / Divine Plane

Ayahuasca journey is one I have to say is also otherworldly. It involves other dimensions, other entities, and a departure from the confines of our ego.

Managing the Pre-Ceremony Nerves

The ceremony began in the evening after, to be honest, a nerve-wracking afternoon in nervous anticipation. I have never done anything of a hallucinogenic nature. My extent of altered states of consciousness have been contained within a daily meditation practice of 7 years and lucid dream journalling (a lot of out of body experiences as a kid) , a one-time hypnotist show in which I was the willing participant, and coming out of a handful of surgeries.

What Does Ayahuasca Taste Like?

The brew was distinct and I’d personally describe it as a rich, almost cough medicine / strong port taste. I wouldn’t describe it as disgusting or awful, it was simply… unique. The strangest part for me was that the taste seemed familiar to me, like I had experienced it before.

Stage 1: Flying on the Cosmic Winds

As I slipped into darkness and closed my eyes, I felt a dark bird’s wing descend and the sweep of its wing moved air past my physical face. I felt a distinct whoosh on my skin, which I was still aware of at that point. I was then taken on its glossy black wings, ascending to a beautiful night sky. It was a windless, starless sky. It was then that the most beautiful coloured fractals and patterns appeared, rotating slowly around.

One thing I recommend doing for anyone integrating is putting together a pinterest visual board and collecting images that resonate with the experience. It helps greatly with memory and I find sitting with them helps me return to that place and re-access / recall lessons. I’ve also found that I receive downloads or transmissions sitting with the ceremonial music in meditation

Stage 2: The Past Lives and Karmic Healing Journey.



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A professional coach, integrating her Ayahuasca / Daime / Kambo Experiences & spiritual awakening.